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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan (with Rennies,Old & New)

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About the Clan

grrr...i warned you not to mess with me!

The MacCanine Clan,a short history...

To begin with,I am Wolf,Lord (Laird) of Clan MacCanine.The Clan got it's start back around the 1996 Michigan Renaissance Festival season.Although it was originally started as a bit of a joke,over the past few years it has become more serious for most of us.

The real origins of the clan started with the Wolf Pack.During each festival day,we have what is called the main parade,which many of us participate in.Back around 1990-91, many of my friends and I started gathering as close as we could to the front of the crowd,so that we could be up in the front area of the parade.We did this because we found that the farther back in the parade you were,the dustier you would get during the parade.So,we were just being smart.
But,since we were a "pack" of lunatics,and I was called Wolf,things fell into place and the Wolf Pack was born.Since then,the pack has grown,but not everyone participates in the parade.Some are patrons of the festival,and some work in the shops.Many of these people would become the core of the Clan.
During the season prior to the festival having a "pirate" weekend,several of the Pack and myself formed our own little "crew".It was mainly because we figured that since there was no real crew around,there should be one.The next year,the festival added the pirate weekend,and it has been popular since (although some of the stuff they've added for that weekend hasn't been all that good).Our little Crew started to grow after that first season,yet it remains the "Un-Official" Crew of the festival.Why? Because we don't care for the rules that the festival would have us abide by,and they wouldn't hire us anyway (we're thankful for gives us more time to run around and be ourselves).

During the same season that we first had a real pirate weekend,the Clan was born.It happened on the Highland Fling weekend.Someone mentioned that since we had the Pack and the Crew,that we should also have a Clan.We all liked the idea,and names were tossed about,but none of them really fit.Then I had a thought,since a "wolf" is of the family "canidae",which is also known as "canine",what would be better? So,I added the Mac in front of the Canine and the Clan was named.
Since then,the Clan has grown considerably.In the days of the Pack,there had been members exiled for being complete idiots.So far,no one has been forced out of the Clan...although it could still happen.But,each season I find make new friends,and usually add them to the Clan...some take a bit longer before I decide that they fit in.
Over time,the Clan has become a more serious thing,since a "clan" is a "family".In the Rennie community,there is something which binds us together as a family.The same goes for the Clan.We are a family,no matter how dysfunctional we can be at times.We are a bunch of lunatics, drunks, musicians, pagans/non-pagans, "lust-puppies" and other things.But we are a family in almost all respects.We aren't always close knit like other families,but we do share our lives and friendship and of course,our love for the renaissance festivals/faires.Therefore,this has become more serious for many of us.There will be those who say that since we're not Scottish,it's not a real clan.Sure,not all of us are of Scottish lines,and the name isn't a traditional clan name,but we're still a clan no matter how you look at it.Although it would be kinda funny and an honor if it were accepted by those who could say so.
As far as a tartan goes,we don't have one yet.I've been trying to think of a good design which would fit the Clan,but even after I do,there's still the problem of getting it made,and getting enough of it made to make enough garb for the whole clan to wear.It's especially a problem since most of us are usually broke :)

If you're a Rennie from the Michigan Festival and you're not sure if you're in the Clan,check out the "List".If your name isn't on there,e-mail me and ask if you're in the Clan (right now I can remember faces but not always the name(s) that go with bear with me).

Below is the Kitty Kat,taking a little time out to relax.

Relaxing Kitty :)