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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan (with Rennies,Old & New)

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Favorite Links

These links are to Clan/Crew member's sites,and to other sites that deal with renaissance festivals/faires & music.

GoldFrost's site.He's got a lot of great photos from the Michigan Festival,as well as other stuff.

Chris Perry's site

Gibbon the Troubadour's site.Please visit and order his cd's :)

Bill's Realm (Gibbon's Keeper)

Spiraldanse's site.Please visit and order their cd's :)

Sir Clisto Seversword's site.Contains links to just about everything medieval/renaissance he can find.Also a great place for Rennies.

The International Wenches Guild-Local 69...need I say more? :)

The International Brotherhood of Rogues,Scoundrels and this doesn't say enough :)

Below this point are some links to Mediaeval & Renaissance music that I think are great.

The Mediaeval Baebes website.This group of ladies has recorded some great music.Give them a listen :)

Ritchie Blackmore (ex-Deep Purple) is doing something that he loves now...Mediaeval type music.Check this stuff out.