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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan (with Rennies,Old & New)

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Photos p.8

Here's a few more from recent years...

Below is John,the nephew of Dragon.With him are,from his far right,Jana,Tanya and on his left,Hailey.He was looking so bored one day,that I decided he needed a bit of female company,so I got these three to cheer him up a bit. :)

Ok...John's a bit happy now :)

Good friends and good ale... :)

Above is Dale,Jaqui and Wendy.These three are always near the Pub when they're at Fest.Geez...I wonder why...hehehe :)

The things Wally & I do to Gabby...hehehe :)

Above is Wally and his wife Gabby.They're Jana's parents,and since we met,we've been good friends.Of course,Wally and I are always picking on Gabby...because she makes it so bloody *easy*!!! We just can't refuse the urge to mess with her. :)

Below is Kurgis (Bill) and myself,along with our respective "Killer Bunnies".We decided to take it easy during the parade one day,so we hired the "cabbies" to take us for a ride. :)

The bunnies made us do it!! Really!! :)