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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan (with Rennies,Old & New)

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Photos p.3 (Even more Oldies)

And more...

Here's Randy again...but this is an older photo.This is from the very early 90's,when he worked at a shop called OrmWorks.

Doesn't he look warm?

Below is Red Iain,who I've known for quite a long time.He can usually be found nowadays out at the Silverleaf Renaissance Festival,not far from Kalamazoo,MI.
If you ever want a good old-fashioned crossbow,go look this guy up.He makes some great stuff.

Hmm....what kind of beer do I want...?

Ok,I'm in this photo below.I'm the loon in the middle.On my right is Tiffany (Festival Wife #3),and on the other side of her is some guy she met that day who followed her around like a little lost puppy.On my left is Amy (Festival Wife #2),and the big guy on the other side of her is Anders.I haven't seen Tiffany since Silverleaf of 1997,and Anders disappeared back in the early 1990's.Apparently,his wife didn't care for Fest and got him to quit going.I'm sorry...but that's not a good thing to let happen to yourself.It will never happen to me.

Ok...two guys...two girls.....and a bloody geek!!

Come try my pickles!!!!!!!! :)

Above is Scott.This was taken many years ago,before he started gaining a beer gut and losing hair ( you know...getting older ).

Below is Louis and another old friend of ours,Christina.This is also from the early 90's.Christina shows up from time to time for a visit,at least once each season.

Hey look!! Louis' trying to think!! :)