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About Me
Most people only know me as Wolf,which is just the way I like it...since my real name means Wolf in one language.So,I just use Wolf for most situations.My alias for Yahoo chat is MacCanine,which was originally started as a joke at the Michigan Renaissance Festival,which I am an active participant in.
I've been an Aus:1 Reg since shortly after I first started chatting in the room.I believe it was late December of 1998 when I first went into Aus:1,and by the end of January '99 I had made a lot of friends not only from Australia,but also from other places in the world.Many of these people were already known as the "Regs" of Aus:1,and very soon they had accepted me as a Reg,and as an "honorary" Aussie.

In Aus:1 you will see me make many references to things that are medieval in nature.You will also see me call many of the ladies "lass" or "m'lady",and the guys "lad".This is because I am what is known as a "Rennie"...someone who participates in renaissance faires/festivals.I have always been interested in things medieval,and have learned many skills and much knowledge about things from this period of history.A lot of what I do in Aus:1 is because of habit.The other things I do are because of my "canine" nature :)

Because of my alias and my canine nature,in Aus:1 you will see me being called by other names,such as MacPup,McPup,puppy,Maccy,Macca,and k-9.

As far as my interests are concerned,I have many.I am a longtime drummer,having gotten interested in music when I was a puppy.I like many kinds of music,the list of which is:
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Classic Rock / Pop / Jazz / Blues / Classical / Country (modern) / Funk / Oriental / Celtic and other medieval/renaissance music.
I love swords and other medieval/martial arts weaponry,and because of this I have studied different types of swordplay and martial arts,both European and Asian.I may not be able to do a lot of stuff anymore,due to having asthma and slight back problems at times...but I can still do a lot of damage if needed without moving around much.I am also a longtime user of what is known as a Balisong or "butterfly knife".I developed my skills with these knives back in the early '80s,and teach others how to manipulate them when I find that someone is interested.The same goes for swords and other weaponry.I believe that knowledge of these items is a good thing,not only for use against things,but also for defense against these same items when they're in an opponent's hands.

My interest in medieval things has led me to the skill of making what is called "chainmail".I have been making chainmail armor, jewelry and accessories since 1990,and I have also started working with leather for almost the same length of time...although I've payed more attention to the chainmail during those years.I'm also learning how to make other types of what we rennies call "garb",but I'm not planning on making a lot of this stuff unless it's for myself.

I have an affinity for the outdoors, animals and plantlife.I love camping and hiking,fishing,hunting and whatever else I can do outdoors.Because of my love for nature,I became a practicing solitary Druid, letting nature teach me her knowledge and secrets.Being a Druid is a long road to travel, but it does give one an understanding not only about nature,but about ourselves and others as well.I have recently become an ordained minister,and I am always willing to explain what I can to those who are willing to ask questions.But,I am not the kind who will attempt to convert a person or shove my beliefs at them just because I feel that I must.I am one who understands that if a person wishes to learn about what I am and believe,they are free to ask questions and I will answer to the best of my ability.If they express a wish to convert,then I will do what I can to help them.

I am also interested in other countries and cultures, mostly Western Europe, Japan and of course, Australia.I study whatever I can find that deals with the land and people of these countries.

Another thing that interests me are the mysteries that can be found in almost any place.These range from historical and religious mysteries to the supernatural and other unknown phenomena.Things such as these not only make for good reading,they also work the mind..and anything that works the mind I consider to be a good thing.