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Chat Advice
When in any chat room,there are a few things that one should know and remember,and hopefully use.
These are things that can make your chat experience more enjoyable,and keep the problems to a minimum.This is not a full list,but it has some of the necessary things that many should know.

#1 Get a decent chat program such as CheetaChat because Yahoo's normal program is very limiting as to what you can do.Cheeta & others allow you to do a lot more,and have a better "ignore" list & command.

#2 If you see anyone constantly doing stupid things like flooding the room with repeated comments or noises,put the user on "ignore".It saves on the headaches and allows you to read the normal comments being typed into the room.

#3 Ignore is also handy to use on those who try to start trouble in the room.Aus:1 regularly gets a bunch of these types of idiots,who obviously have nothing better to do than start fights & rumors.Commonly,the idiots will use voice chat to start the fights,while others who fall for the bullshit will be stuck typing in all of their comments.Your best bet is to just put the idiot on ignore and move on.These people just love to get others angry,and the only way we can keep them from having any fun doing it is to ignore them completely...maybe then they'll realize that their little "fun & games" are no longer tolerated.

#4 It's not a good idea to get on the bad side of a Reg in Aus:1. Some of us are used to dealing with stupidity,and have developed effective means for taking care of idiots (whenever we actually feel like dealing with them).This means if you're going to start a fight with one of us,you'd better bring a *lot* of good ammunition.

#5 Don't expect to get greeted by anyone upon your arrival in a room or the first time you say hello.A lot of us are usually busy keeping an eye on other conversations,or we're waiting to see how you act in the room.If you get upset and start acting like a moron,you'll just get ignored completely.

#6 The best conversations to stay away from in a chat room are Politics, Religion and Race.If you want to discuss these topics,go to the rooms that were set up for these.We do on occasion have these topics discussed in Aus:1, but only when the people talking about them are doing so calmly and reasonably.If you're going to get upset easily and start ranting and raving,don't get'll probably just end up on several iggy lists.

#7 Sick humor & bad language abound on the web,and much of it is chat rooms.If you're young,ask the others to cut out the bad language...if they continue the language,put them on ignore.

#8 A common subject in chat rooms is Sex,both normal and kinky.If you're a prude,either learn to deal with it or find a better room.

#9 Most  of the flirting done in a chat room is purely "friendly flirting". It is not meant to be taken seriously.

#10 The best way to get noticed (and make new friends) is to watch the conversations that are going on and jump into them if you have comment that fits the situation.Sometimes smartarsed comments that are funny will work well in any conversation.

#11 You will find some people from each country that can't stand those from another.Always remember that these people are not always the norm for that country...they are individuals that cannot see past their own opinions.Some aren't as closed-minded as the rest and will make friends with someone from a country that they normally can't stand.

#12 Chatters from India are normally ignored by many of us. Why? Because most of them cannot understand that not everyone in the world is interested in having "sexual" chats with them,especially when they happen to be a male trying to "chat up" another male without having checked a person's profile.They also make the attempt to pm (private message) just about everyone in a room to do their "chatting",without asking permission from the other user first (or whether that person is even remotely interested in "chatting" with them).These are the usual circumstances for them being ignored,but there are many other reasons as well,including the fact that they are just generally annoying.

#13 If at any time you're in chat you see some strange code being loaded in by a user that contains the word "boot",ignore that user immediately.This is a boot code being loaded in and in most instances (unless you're using a good chat program with a good ignore) you'll be booted out of chat.Other codes are just as annoying and some even contain viruses.Ignore them all and save yourself some problems.

#14 If your chat program has different colors for you to use for your speech,please do not use any colors such as yellow or orange.Bright colors like these cannot be seen very well and strain the eyes of those who make the attempt to read your statements.