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MacCanine's Australia:1 Pages

Welcome to  MacCanine's Australia:1 Pages
Here is my site dedicated to the Aus:1 Regs...the people I talk to in Yahoo Chat.
There are many "regs" in this room..some from a period several years ago and some who are a lot newer.Some of those who were around when I first hopped into this room no longer stop in,and a few of them stop in every once in a great while...checking to see who else is still around.
But,whether they be old Regs or new Regs,they're people that I consider to be friends,and this site is dedicated to them all.

The main reason behind my building this site is because the old site for the Aus:1 Regs hasn't been updated in more than a year.That site has a few profiles for some of the Regs,and who knows,I might end up with some here.But,I wanted a place where I could list the Regs,place their photos and maybe their profiles,place links to their sites and post any events such as Net Parties that are happening.A lot of what happens here on this site will be with the help and suggestions from the other Regs.Whatever I can do with this site for them,I will attempt to do.

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