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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan and the Un-Official Pirates and Rogues of the Michigan Renaissance Festival


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The Poetry Page

Here's one for now,I'll add more later on.This first one is for the rennies...

"Renaissance Faire"

Musicians playing sweetly
while knights on horseback ride
And laughter fills the air
while children run and hide

Sunlight is peeking through the trees
while merchants sell their wares
And the dancers,jugglers and actors
perform their acts with nary a care

The sweet aroma of cooking foods
is wafting upon the breeze
While the smells of sweet ales
attracts some harmless little bees

Ladies and wenches in tight bodices
some with tops o'erflowin'
Men and lads in tights and doublets
full tankards of ale they're a-holdin'

Bagpipes being played by kilted Scots
what a din they're a-makin'
While just down the lane
your coins,the games are takin'

It's a place you can go to
where there's love and friendship to share
This is what it's like
to be at a Renaissance Faire

April 3rd,2000