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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan (with Rennies,Old & New)

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Photos p.5

And more...

This is Chris,a great guy I've known for many years.He's always got a way to make people laugh...such as in this photo. :)

Geez....what did I do now? :)

Below is the couple that I call "Clank & Clink".Clank is actually Joe,but I cannot remember his wife's I just tend to call her Clink.You can always here these two coming down the lane....

A rare quiet moment...they're not moving. :)

This photo is of Death,hanging out and causing trouble with Drew (the one in the skull mask).So....can you tell which one is a bunch of bones...and which is just a bonehead? :)

One's just bones,the other's just a bonehead :)

Below is Cat,also known as Kitty Kat.She's a real sweetie,as well as a beautiful young lady.
And I do have to warn the guys that are waiting for her to turn 18.....she's *still* going to remain under my protection.So keep your paws off unless she says otherwise!!

Silly Kitty... :)

This is Chad and Sarah.They're just good friends,although they do kinda look cute together..hehehe.Chad is holding the "How many beers does that thing fit?" tankard.

My,that's a big tankard you have there...