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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan (with Rennies,Old & New)

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Here's a few of my poems.I hope you like them.

Renaissance Faire

Musicians playing sweetly
while knights on horseback ride
And laughter fills the air
while children run and hide

Sunlight is peeking through the trees
while merchants sell their wares
And the dancers,jugglers and actors
perform their acts with ne'er a care

The sweet aroma of cooking foods
is wafting upon the breeze
While the smells of sweet ales
attracts some harmless little bees

Ladies and wenches in tight bodices
some with tops o'erflowin'
Men and lads in tights and doublets
full tankards of ale they're a-holdin'

Bagpipes being played by kilted Scots
what a din they're a-makin'
while just down the lane
your coins,the games are takin'

It's a place you can go to
where there's love and friendship to share
This is what it's like
to be at a Renaissance Faire

April 3rd,2000

Katy's Poem

I can see you dancing
underneath the dawning sky
through a glade of clover
with a twinkle in your eye

Your beauty is like that
of a newborn fawn
the sunrise o'er the water
or a morningbird's song

Your aura just exudes
innocence and inner peace
and your smile can charm
even the most savage beast

If I'm not mistaken
you must be a Fae
because your beauty and happiness
always brighten up the day

For Katy

October 4th,1997

Listening to a sylvan song
the voices high and light
my memory starts to wander
while the fire's burning bright.

I dream of friends and family
and all the things that I love
I remember all the times we shared
while the stars were up above.

And as I sit and think about
my life and times gone past
I wonder why those good times
were not allowed to last.

Then slowly as the music fades
I realize that it seems
in order to keep those good times
I must hold on to my dreams.


Standing within the faerie ring
the wee people dancing around
I look up at the sky above
to see the starlight shining down.

The music is smooth and gentle
the voices high and light
the rhythms of the dance entrancing
underneath the stars so bright.

Time means nothing
on a night like this
when everyone involved
receives the moon's bright kiss.

The forest creatures are at play
and all are having fun
everyone is filled with peace and harmony
and everything is as one.

The moon traverses the sky
it's beauty like that of a newborn fawn
soon it's light will fade upon the horizon
signalling the coming of a new day's dawn.

But until that time
all will continue to laugh and sing
and wait until later
to see what the new day will bring.


The Faerie's Lament

To a hidden cave within the hills
of a place very far,far away
there came an old warrior
a'wandering one day.

Weary from his travels
for he had traveled long
he went inside to sit and rest
and listen to the gentle wind's song.

It wasn't long before he felt at ease
and his eyes began to close
his body needed rest
and so he began to doze.

For a while his sleep was quite fitful
his dreams of war and might
but soon he slept the sleep of peace
with the coming of the night.

T'was early in the morning
when the dew is upon the grass
that he heard an ethereal voice
"Who are you?" it did ask.

"I am an old warrior
whose time is long past
and I came to find solace
before death comes for me at last.

In my life,I have won many battles
with the help of the gods above
but the one I bear the wounds of now
is the one that most call 'love'.

It has been a very long time
since I last saw her pretty face
she filled my world with happiness
and she moved with elven grace.

But there came a time when she had to leave
my loss I could not hide
the day she moved away,
I wished I could have died.

Since that day
I have traveled about from here to there
always hoping to find
my love,my lady fair.

Now many years have passed
and my heart is cloven in two
but I still wish to tell her..for one last time
'I love you'".

And when his tale had finished
the faeries began to weep
for the weary old warrior and his lost lady love,
as he entered his final sleep...


When the Muse decides that I must write,I usually suffer one hell of a headache afterwards.That's why I say she hits me with her "heavy handbag".Much of the things she has me write do tend to have common themes or elements.Because of her,I have plagiarized myself often.Katy's Poem was written before the one I wrote for Sean (see Sean's Page),yet the Muse decided that that was the best way to start the poem for him.So,I did it.I have to...or face an even worse headache (I'm not sure what she carries in that damned handbag,but it packs a big bang).Other poems carry a line or two that just seem to fit in the,I dood it.
Still,I hope you can read and enjoy these (the Muse doesn't always care about meter and rhyme..) and understand that I never wanted to write fact,there's very little by great poets that I can stand to read.Oh well...