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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan (with Rennies,Old & New)

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Photos p.1 (Oldies)

Here are a few photos to start with of my rennie family :)

Hmmm...he really hasn't changed much...

This is Louis,one of the first people I met when I started going to the Michigan Festival.This photo is circa 1990 or shortly after that.

Take a look inside my Magic Box!!! :)

Amy when she worked for the Magic Box.She became my second "festival wife",and she still considers me as her "hubby" when she manages to come out to Fest. :)
This photo is circa 1991-2.

Oooohhh!!! Katy's getting punished!!

Above is Maeve (Katy),a wonderful young lady that used to come out to Fest.The last I heard,she was going to college in Scotland.I wish she'd come back again,at least for a little visit.

I'd rather be doing something else...

This is Angie,before she donned a filthy habit to become *The* Mother Superior :)

Below is the earliest photo that I have of Gibbon The Troubadour.I think this is from 1988-89.He really is a wonderful musician and songwriter,and I will always listen to the CD's he's put out.Such wonderful music from an extremely talented individual...

Pantaloons,Gibbon? Pantaloons? 'Oi!!