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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan (with Rennies,Old & New)

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Photos p.6

The new "Three Stooges"? :)

.These three above can usually be found hanging out at the Pub.In the middle is Scorpion,with Dragon on his right,and Weasel on his left.

I wish I could remember their names!!! :(

I can't remember their names at the moment,but this couple above always stops in at Fest at least one day each season.I believe the young lady used to work for the Pendragon shop,which sells the leather bodices and doublets.

Such a cutie... :)

Above is Erica,a real sweetheart (and cutie).I don't see her all that often anymore.

Umm...isn't that a little tight...?

Above is Fuzzy,one of my favorite ladies.She went and got married,and only stops in at the festival once in a while.

Such a sweetie....

This is Heather,circa 1996-7.She is the daughter of a friend of mine (and one of my festival wives).Apparently,she's now married (for real),and living down south somewhere.