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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan (with Rennies,Old & New)

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Photos p.2 (More Oldies)

This is "Little John",a really great guy that used to come out to Fest.He was a huge guy with a heart to match.He's what you would've called a "friendly giant".

I smile because I can crush you like twig!! :)

I have a whip and know how to use it!! :)

Above is Lady Nightshade.I met her during my first full season of Fest.She used to go out there with three of my other friends,Gustave,Toddles and Stewert.She hasn't been out there in many years,but myself and the three guys still remember her fondly.

Oh my....did a witch cast a spell on the King? :)

I cannot remember this beautiful young lady's name at the moment,but she ended up becoming the Queen at the festival for one season.From what I've heard,she went away to start college the year after she was Queen...much to our loss.She was always a friendly young lady,and full of smiles.At one point,she and her mother wanted me to make a suit of chainmail for the pooch because he had been knighted.Unfortunately,I never got a chance to.

Below are Randy and "Slappy" Steve.
Randy is the one "blowing a raspberry",while Steve is trying to act like a "mundane".These two have been friends for many years,even though Steve hasn't been out at Fest in a while.

Randy!! Put that weapon away!!

Another "denizen" of the festival...

This is Blair.At one time,he and I were considered to be two of the "denizens" of Fest.A denizen was someone you could always count on seeing at Fest,no matter what.Unfortunately,Blair isn't there as much anymore.He stops in when he can though...and can usually be found at the Pub.Big surprise...right? :)