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Mark's Page

September 11th,2002.
I lost a second good friend by the name of Mark.I never really got to know him all that well,but I considered him to be a great guy.I and others will miss him very much.

I had just talked to him about a week before,while a bunch of us were camping out.He seemed to be in decent spirits,although we found out shortly afterwards that he hadn't been doing as well as we had thought.
Between the 2001 season and the 2002 season,he had apparently taken a trip around the U.S.,doing a bit of "soul searching".He visited a few other festivals along the way,and had given away a bunch of his stuff to other friends.
I wish that we had known that he was planning on leaving us,forever.It pains me so to see wonderful people like Mark and Sean leave this existence,since I don't believe that *any* of us ever really get to spend enough time learning about each other.I can only hope that I don't lose any more friends in the same way as these two.

Please,if you read this and are having thoughts of *not* hide pain away from friends.Talk to some of your friends.Let them help in any way that they can.Let them help you find another way around your problems.Think of more than just yourself when it comes to choosing suicide.You're cheating not only yourself,but also those of us who care about you.


This is the only good photo I have of Mark.The ladies on either side are Laurie (on his right),and Lisa (on his left).I know that he and Lisa have known each other for many years,and have been friends for the whole time.
I wish she could've been there when we had a memorial for him at the Guiness Pub,right after closing time.It was hard for me to perform that memorial service,being the first thing that I had really done as an ordained minister,and having to perform it for a friend.