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Lord Wolf's Lair...Home of the MacCanine Clan (with Rennies,Old & New)

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Photos p.4 (Oldies again...)

Geez...I keep finding these... :)

Such a beauty... :)

Above is Monica.This photo is from the first day that I met her,back in 1990,I think.It's hard to remember the exact dates from those early years...I should've written things down.But I do remember that she was standing next to the jail,wearing a leather mask with this beautiful red dress that looked of a Spanish style.She looked so stunning,that I just had to go talk to her,and I'm glad that I did.She and I have been friends ever since.

Below is Steve Nantz.He's been a friend since the early 90's,and we've shared a lot of great times out at Fest during the years.

Steve,lost in thought again...

I know,the picture below isn't of the greatest quality,but it's the only decent photo I have that isn't really blurry of my 1st Festival Wife,Kerry.She had moved to Connecticut not long after this photo was taken,but every once in a great while she makes an appearance.A couple of seasons ago,she made a surprise visit,and it was definitely nice to see her again.And yes,that's me sitting down,although it's kinda hard to tell...

She claimed that I had stolen her heart :)

Poor Louis..always getting picked on :)

Above is Louis,getting a "birthday indulgence" by Father Jerry.I'm not sure if I've ever shown Louis this photo,but I'll have to remember to have him check it out anyway. :)